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We are using historical diaries to make Indo History Come Alive. This segment encourages Indo families to share their  own personal stories online. You can submit a story or an article to be featured on The Indo Project website. Please fill out the form below and send in your article. Maximum of 1000 words, please. [...]


Special Olympics begins 7-25-15 & runs through 8-2-15. ~~~ 8-2-15 Herdenking Ceremony in Bay Area,  California ~~~ 8-15-15 Herdenking Ceremony in Los Angeles, California. . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . Special Olympics begins 7-25-15 & runs through 8-2-15.  Check the schedule to watch the Dutch Soccer team.  . ~~~~~~~ . Herdenking Ceremony in Bay Area, California – August 2, 2015 [...]


Who are we?

We are a core group of dedicated Indo and Indo supporters who share the premise that our history and culture needs to be preserved in the English language. People of mixed European and Indonesian ancestry, are called Indos, Dutch-Indonesians, Indo-Dutch or Indo-Europeans. We come from Oregon, California, Massachusetts, Washington, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia and our numbers are growing. The majority of us are 2nd generation born right after WWII; however, our supporters range in all ages. We all have some kind of direct connection to the former Dutch East Indies.

We are all volunteers, non-paid staff and board members alike, contributing our experience, skills, and time to make something we deeply believe in a reality.

Our mission is rooted in keeping alive the Indo history and culture in future generations and attaining recognition for what our first generation has experienced. The Indo Project wants to honor the legacy that our parents, grandparents and other Indos have left us and have worked so hard to attain… a future for the younger generations.

By initiating The Indo Project organization and plans to produce a documentary , we aim to educate and raise awareness among the English speaking public about our rich heritage and capture the remarkable assimilation of Indos in their respective adopted countries.



  • rudolfvdgraaff

    Here Are My Memories: The Memoir of Rudolf Van de Graaff.

    By Sierra Jacob. A special thanks to my cousin, Rachael Woodie; your detailed note-taking made this article possible. Preface: Beneath the large presence of the Washington Monument, groups of summer campers, young families, and old couples mirror the hurried fountains at the center of the World War ll Memorial in Washington D.C. It is July, [...]

  • nathistmon

    70 Years Later: A Plea for Transitional Justice.

    By Inez Hollander. With the commemoration of the 70th year anniversary of the ending of WWII in Asia, it’s time to look back and look forward, and make sure we share the commemoration of this important year with the next generations to make sure our Indo Dutch legacy doesn’t become a further footnote in history. What [...]

  • slave_lbr

    More Japanese Whitewashing of Slave Labor in WWII.

    by Inez Hollander This week we received an e-mail from Mindy Kotler at the Asia Policy Point in Washington DC, concerning Japan’s continued historical revisionism with regard to slave labor by POWs at Japan’s foremost industrial sites. The Indo Project is joining a number of POW-organizations in writing a letter to the UN cultural organization, [...]

  • Cover Photo

    An Evening with TIP: Recap.

    By Jamie Stern On Tuesday evening, May 26th, 2015, the Crystal Cove auditorium at UC Irvine filled with guests eager to visit with each other and enjoy the evening’s presentations. This was a very special event, because The Indo Project (TIP) was holding its Second Annual Lecture Series, titled, An Evening With TIP. The Indo [...]

  • TIP_newsletterSpring2015

    Newsletter Spring edition available now.

    This man survived three plane crashes, time in a Japanese concentration camp, had a bayonet through his neck, was assumed dead and buried… Read all about it in the SPRING newsletter,available now. Click on the link. It may take about 10-15 seconds to load the pdf. TIP SPRING NEWSLETTER 2015. TIP FALL/WINTER NEWSLETTER 2014. TIP SPRING [...]

  • Poster RailwayMan

    Save the Date: May 26th Screening of The Railway Man.

    Join us for the 2nd annual event by The Indo Project at the University of California Irvine. Based on his best-selling memoir, The Railway Man tells the extraordinary and epic true story of Eric Lomax, a British Army officer who is tormented as a prisoner of war at a Japanese labor camp during World War [...]

  • imgres-2

    On Wooden Shoes Through the Dessa

    A Book  Review of Op klompen door de dessa by Hylke Speerstra (Amsterdam: Atlas, 2015) When growing up in The Netherlands, I never realized that part of my family history ran parallel with the rise and demise of the Dutch East Indies. I explored the colonial part of that history in my book Silenced Voices [...]

  • Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 12.52.42 PM

    Share this news about the Burma-Thailand Railway Compensation.

    Share this news about the Burma-Thailand Railway Compensation. Are you a descendant of the men who worked on the railway line or died on the way there? Please check the name lists and if you see your father’s or grandfather’s name, write to Task Force Indische Rechtsherstel at These are the name lists: CHUNGKAI, THAILAND: [...]

  • April world

    The Worldwide Indo Challenge: April Results!

    Tuesday, May 5, 2015 By Jamie Stern The Indo community is making great progress in geographically mapping our population! So far, through The Worldwide Indo Challenge , The Indo Project has heard from 728 Indos.  Check out our interactive map to see where Indo populations are being located. Each point on the map represents a [...]

  • American Prisoners of War of Japan. Honoring the Memory of World War II Veterans of the Pacific.

    The following was received from Ms. Jan Thompson, President of the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor Memorial Society and was addressed to the Congressional Veterans’ Affairs Committees. The contents apply not only to American POW’s but also to those Indos, Dutch and others in the former Dutch East Indies who were POW’s of the [...]

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